Attribute Access Rules/Handlers introduce an error during entity creation


I’ve prepared an example to demonstrate an error we came across recently.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start application.
  2. Set cuba.useSpringApplicationEventsToSetupAttributeAccess to false. If you curious about Spring-based old style Rules - the same is the case with them as well.
  3. Open Application->As screen
  4. Create a new A
  5. Enter any values
  6. Press Save button
  7. Modify name field
  8. Try to save entity again. Here you get the error Access if forbidden or something to that effect – since the entity doesn’t have a security token.


PS Actually I wonder what’s the reason security tokens are loaded for entities in the main editor datasource and it’s nested ones, but aren’t loaded for other datasources?

got the same error again.
How to refresh a ds to load an entity with a securityToken?


Thank you for reporting the problem. We have created an issue Issue is scheduled for the next bug fix release 6.8.

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