assembleDbScripts seems to forget to refresh scripts if component's version is unchanged

I am trying to set up CI workflow for a project utilizing CUBA’s feature for using components.
It consists of several independent components, a main component which has appComponent deps to the former ones and a cutom-layer componnet to implement customizations.

I found that when a component is changed in repository while preserving version number like 1.0-SNAPSHOT
gradle assembleDbScripts tends to ignore artifact changes. The problem is easily avoidable by changing the version number, but this can lead to having lots of useless versions in a repository.

What’s the best way to do with that fact? Thanks in advance for answers.

The problem is related to Gradle -SNAPSHOT dependencies cache. Usually you should use --refresh-dependencies Gradle key in CI environments if you use -SNAPSHOT dependencies. See also: Learning the Basics

Thank you for making the time to answer, I tried --refresh-dependencies, Gradle went to fetch new artifacts, but I constantly got the older scripts. I’ll take a more carefull look to what Gradle’s performing at that point.