Ask for Upgrading Help System Addon


Would you be able to upgrade the Help Addon to version 7.0?

Thanks so much in advance. Regards.

Hi Viagdo,

I also use the Help-System-Addon in Cuba 6.9/6.10 and also in Cuba 7.0 (legacy Screen API) - so I upgraded it myself.

I provided the changes for 6.10 as a Github PullRequest - but no new version was published, so I don’t create a PullRequest for 7.0.

Not sure what is the correct step if BALVI is not willing to support the Add-on in the future.
I had asked, but don’t got an answer yet - maybe we can fork the add-on and provide a new version, but this should be allowed by BALVI…


hi @viagdo,

although I’m not part of BALVI since quite some time anymore, I still created the app component back then under their umbrella. This is why I want at least share my opinion on that. What I have heard is that are no plan for further maintenance / improvements of the addon. I may be wrong on that one, but this is at least what I heard.

And this is just fine. Probably all of you know that. Sometimes directions change, idea will become obsolete etc. In this particular case the addon was a prototype on an idea that we had where we wanted to solve a particular problem. It turned out that for some time this solution worked out, but afterwards in this particular context of the company with the product and the environment, this was not the best solution anymore.

But this does not mean that it is not valuable for other contexts and or people.

What I would like to point out is the following:

maybe we can fork the add-on and provide a new version

In my opinion you are highly encouraged to do so. Back then when I implemented it - we (and myself in particular) picked the Apache 2 License on purpose (see: cuba-component-help-system/LICENSE.txt at master · balvi/cuba-component-help-system · GitHub). Apache 2 basically means (a little simplified): “do whatever you want - no strings attached”. And this is the beauty of it.

If the original creator is not capable or willing to maintain the software and there is value in the software to other people, the people can and should just go ahead and continue that journey.

I would be much more sad if the future of my original idea looks like “not answered issues”, “not merged PRs”, “no bugfixes”, “no keep up with CUBA releases” etc. Because then my initial effort would have been wasted to a certain degree.

Instead i would love to see if someone from the community is stepping up and take over the app component and drive it further. Perhaps (or hopefully) even in directions that I never anticipated. That is just the way it goes and it is good that it is like this, because this brings the real value to the users of open source.

but this should be allowed by BALVI…

Although I understand the kindness and nice reasons behind it, I have to strongly argue against that. There is neither a need to ask for permission, nor is this the expected behavior.

Fork it, make it better, release it (either under a different name or if you manage to take over the repo - under the same name) and help the community with the effort.

If you want to keep it under the umbrella - just ask them for commit rights - this would also do the trick.


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Hi Viagdo,

we don’t support the help system any more. If you want to maintain the help system you can fork the repo. I’ll talk to the cuba dev team and tell them, that you are the new maintainer.

You don’t need a permission to fork.

Matthias Hamann (BALVI)

Thanks for the quick reply @csh.shop577, @mario

I’ll be working in private with Steve and I’ll confirm to you if we go with the fork “officially”

Thanks again!!

Any update on the fork for cuba 7.x?

Hi Jean Marc,

Thanks for your question…
I have updated the help system for Cuba 7.x but only for the classic GUI API.
I’m working on the port for the new GUI API, but this is not finished yet.

Depending what you are looking for the answer is yes or no :wink:


Hello Steven
thanks for the update, i’m not in a hurry, I can wait.
Thanks for the effort