Apply Filter shortcut (shift + enter) not working for some filters...

Hi all,

I have a screen with multiple tabs, with tables and filters in each tab.
For some of the filters, pressing shift + enter in filter condition works, while for some others I have to manually press the “search” button… any idea on what could be causing this?


Ok to follow up on this, it seems that the filter shortcut (SHIFT+ENTER by default) works for one filter component in a window.

As there are cases when there are multiple filters in the same window (i.e. when using tabs, or multiple tables in the same window), it would be great if the shortcut applied to the “active” filter, i.e. the one for which one field currently has focus.

What do you think?


Hi Matthis,
you’re right, only the first filter is applied at the moment. See the FilterDelegateImpl.initShortcutActions() - the action is added only once to the frame that contains a filter. Probably it will be correct to apply the filter that is selected. We’ve created an issue.

:ticket: See the following issue in our bug tracker: