Application Deployment

Ok, I deployed my application. Let’s say I make a change in a Do I have to copy over the whole tomcat folder again? Or is it possible to just deploy the file that has changed?
Basically, my question is how to make incremental update instead of redeploying the whole thing?

In general, you have to redeploy the whole thing, or at least the shared and webapps folders.
But if you didn’t change the platform version, you can replace just your application jars (app-*.jar). Furthemore, if you’ve changed just one bean, you can replace only the jar of the module containing this bean (app-global.jar, app-core.jar, app-gui.jar or app-web.jar).
And don’t forget to restart the application server after replacing jars.

But if you need to change something in a screen, you can place your new code in the tomcat/conf/app folder and the screen will be reloaded next time a user opens it. Watch how Studio does this at design time - when you change a screen and the application server is running, the screen’s code is copied into tomcat/conf/app.