Application build by CUBA platform is responsive?

Application build by CUBA platform is by-default responsive in Mobile and TAB’s? Or what should be done to make it responsive?


Our generic UI is not responsive by default and is not recommended for mobile phones, but still can be used for tablets. There is a special UI component - CssLayout that can be used to build responsive UI in CUBA generic UI: See our on-line demo with this component:

Moreover, CUBA 6.4 brings ability to create Polymer client that is responsive by default and looks good on mobile devices:

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Hi Yuriy
Is it suitable using polymer technology with non REST API data sources? My understanding is it is more suitable when the need is a portal outside the internal environment. Any comments or suggestions ? I’m a beginner of REST or portals and thanks for any comments.

Can you please share some codes/ sample on creating a template using CSS layout instead of fieldGroup?