App wide dictionary

Hi All
I’m new t Cuba and I’m trying to find a way to recreate a functionality that I have in my old access application.

So what I have is one table that contain dictionary entries with fallowing columns

  1. ID
  2. Type of dictionary
  3. Value in english
  4. Value in language 1
  5. Value in language 2
  6. Reference to upper level dictionary (used for situation where I have two drop downs where on is filtering other)
  7. Active / unactive marker

This table is referenced in multiple other tables but without use of foreign key just by ID.

Each dropdown in application is selecting proper data set from this table based on user lanaguage and type of dictionary.

My first idea was to recreate this by creation of multiple enums in Cuba but then I have stuck on multi level dictionaries (2 levels to be exact).

What would be best option to solve this ?
I need also option for user to manage values (names) in dictionary. Would it be better to use entity approach or enum approach ? and how to build then drop downs that depends on each other ?

Thanks for the help.

Hi Mariusz,

If the dictionary values must be editable at runtime, you can only use entities to model your dictionary.
As for dependent lookups, there were a number of solutions here, look for example at these topics:

If you need further help, create a prototype of your dictionary and post the test project here. We’ll try to propose a solution.


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Thank you for your answer. I will build an entity as suggested. Thank you. If I will have any problems with it I will post another questions here.