app.home_IS_UNDEFINED folder when deploying via WAR generating logback via studio

When using Studio to generate a WAR file and a logback configuration file, a folder called “app.home_IS_UNDEFINED” is created in the ROOT tomcat directory and contains some log files.

To recreate, I can drop any WAR (with a generated logback configuration file) in the webapps folder of a fresh tomcat server.

It could be that I am doing something incorrectly.


war-logback.xml (4.7 KB)

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Hi Thomas,

I would recommend setting App home as described in the docs:

You can specify an absolute path or a path relative to the server working directory if you know in advance where the WAR will be deployed. If not, you can specify a placeholder for a Java system property and provide the real path at runtime.

The documentation also contains some examples. Let us know if it doesn’t work for you.

Isn’t that what the “application home directory” field is for?

When I click generate of the logback configuration, I am not presented with any additional configuration options.

I am referring to generating a WAR file via the buildwar command in Studio.


You are right.
We should use ${app.home} as a default value in “Application home directory” field as recommended in the docs. And also use current version of “Application home directory” when generating logback config.

Created issue:

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