App doesn't start

Hi, Happy 2021 to all !

However I got a big problem. My application suddenly refuses to start.

When I try to launch it, I have a message saying : conf/server.xml has not been updated: cannot find AJP Connector node

This is also mentioned into the catalina.out (attached , but as an INFO only.
catalina_out.txt (9.5 KB)

Then, the console remains on: Starting the server … and the app’s url never shows up.

Help (for rookies) very appreciated.


The mentioned message is probably related to the known bug:
which will be fixed soon.

According to the log, server starts successfully. You can check it by opening the http://localhost:8080/app in the browser.

Hi Alex

It works despite it looks it works only with port 8080 (I tried a couple of other values but the app isn’t reachable).
However it is a good workaround. Any clue on a deadline for the fix ?

Thanks for your support - as usual - anyway.

Olivier CHOQUET / Worldline

A couple of weeks.