App component no longer valid

I attempted to upgrade to version 6.6 today. I started with my custom app component, ‘mycomp’. That went smoothly. I then attempted to upgrade another project that uses ‘mycomp’. I then received the following error:

Component 'com.mycomp' can not be added. App component must have different component id (root package) from current project and other app components.

I then removed the reference to ‘mycomp’, upgraded, then attempted to reference ‘mycomp’ again and received the same error.

Any suggestions?

Hi, Which version of Studio did you use before the upgrade?
Which root packages have the main project and the application components?
Since version 6.5.1 Studio disallows to add application component if its root package matches another component’s root package (for instance com.haulmont.sales, com.haulmont.sales.stock). Libraries with similar root packages might clash.

That was exactly my issue. Thank you!