Anonymous user problem

Hi, I have a problem with Anonymous user…
I would that anonymous user can display (without authentication) only one page of my application.
I create the controller like this:

@ UiController(“MyObjAnonymous.browse”)
@ UiDescriptor(“MyObjAnonymous-browse.xml”)
@ LookupComponent(“myObjTable”)
@ LoadDataBeforeShow
@ Route(path = “test”)
public class MyObjAnonymousBrowse extends StandardLookup {
@ Inject
private CollectionLoader myObjDl;

 @ Subscribe
  public void onAfterShow(AfterShowEvent event) {


In the descriptor I have the dataloader (myObjDc) and the table to display the data (myObjTable)

<collection id=“myObjDc” class=“entity.myObj” view=“_local”>
<loader id=“myObjDl”>
<![CDATA[select e from myObj e]]>

in the I add the line

cuba.web.allowAnonymousAccess = true

and in the administration i create a user Anonymous e a role able to display MyObjAnonymousBrowse in the tab screen and in the tab UI the component myObjTable (read only) contains in this screen.
So seems it’s works fine but when I go to the url
MyObjAnonymousBrowse is displayed but the data is not loaded.

I see in debug that myObjDl.load(); doesn’t load anything even if I have 3 element in the myObj table, indeed if I log in the application and click on the same component the 3 element is displayed.
What am I doing wrong?

Did you give Anonymous rights to the myObj entity itself?

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If I try in Admistration in tab entity to add myObj entity the msg is
No assigned permissions for filter string: myObj
The administration is the right place?

Thanks @jon.craig that was the problem…thanks