Anonymous Screen that query some datas on it

Hello All, by the way I would like to say thank you to all CUBA developers and contributors.
I would say this is the best open source Java Platform that can save a lot of time during application development.

Currently I’m just upgrading my project with some new requirement, they want to have one screen that has anonymous access. So every user can access the screen without logon to application.

So in order to fullfil that I upgrade my platform version into 7.1 that have some cool functionalities and follow the demo from GitHub - cuba-labs/anonymous-access-demo: Anonymous Access Demo

But they also required to have some queries data for that anonymous screen.
So I had include some datamanager to query from the backend to the screen controller but it doesn’t work.

Do you guys have any suggestion how to handle this problem?
Is it still applicable to using this anonymous screen, or is it more effective for using app-portal instead of this?

Thanks a lot


Thank you for your kind words, it means a lot for us.

Back to your problem. anonymous user has Anonymous role that has the Denying type so that it is restricted from any actions. I would recommend to edit this role and add permissions to read specific entities.


Thanks a lot… It answer all the requirements,
So I add permission for the anonymous user, he permission include entity, screen, and attributes

How is possible to change anonymous role programmatically before to enter into the application?

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