Anonymous (Denying) Role combined with a Standard Role allows nothing

very new to CUBA platform (trying 7.0.5) and really impressed by its maturity up to now.
My problem is about Security and Denying Roles.
What I do:

  • Assign a Denying Role to a User
  • Assign a Standard Role to same User (allowing access to a Screen and corresponding Entity)

Expected Result:
When logging-in as this user, I should see the Screen in the Menu.

Getting Result:
Nothing appears in the Menu

You are describing a very typical case which should work as you expected.
First, make sure you have enabled the top-level menu items above your screen.

If it doesn’t help, please provide a test project. Use HSQL database and ./gradlew zipProject command to pack the project together with the database.

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You are right :slight_smile:
Thank you