AmCharts version 4 support

Hello everyone,

AmCharts recently released a new version - amCharts 4.
Do you have any plans (if so, any estimates maybe?) for migrating from v3 to v4?

Here is some information about the migrating path:


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We are not planning to migrate the existing add-on to AmCharts 4 and that’s why (see v4 docs):

amCharts 4 is a completely new dataviz library. Re-imagined, re-designed, and re-written from the ground up.

So, AmCharts 4 is not compatible with AmCharts 3. Most likely, we will introduce separate add-on with AmCharts 4 library.

Could you please clarify your intention to use AmCharts 4? What features are missing in 3 version?


We don’t need any additional features. AmCharts 4 graphs are just more better from the UI perspective. And clients really like that.

We check this out on the demos page:


From what I see, the main difference is just default theme and colors. Almost all the features of v3 and v4 are the same. You can use those colors in v3, just configure your charts.

We are planning to introduce support for AmCharts 4 as an additional add-on this year, but no concrete dates yet.

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Hi. I see AmCharts version 5 is in beta right now. Is there any update on this topic?