Amazon S3 File Storage Error


In the AmazonS3FileStorage class we are seeing an error being thrown intermittently when trying to save a file using S3.

We are struggling to get to the root cause of the issue and this bit of code is hiding the SdkException reason (the exception e could do with a log output or at least adding to the FileStorageException message IMHO):

catch (SdkException e) {
            String message = String.format("Could not save file %s.", getFileName(fileDescr));
            throw new FileStorageException(FileStorageException.Type.IO_EXCEPTION, message);

How can we get more information as to the error occurring on saving?


Hi, @mark.butler

It is definitely an issue in the add-on since information about the initial exception is lost. I’ve created a ticket for this problem and we will provide a fix soon.

As for now, you can try applying the following:

  1. You can connect to your application via debugger, set a breakpoint inside the catch block and examine the original exception along with the stacktrace.
  2. Enable logging on the Amazon S3 side as described in the article and see whether the logs contain any information about the errors during the server access.


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