Altering a table by adding a column causes many problems

If a table is altered by adding columns when I start the server it
generates scripts to delete the new columns. This is not what I

I want the Entity to be recreated with the new columns.

Dropping the entity causes the following problems

All views for the entity are deleted
Entities that are referenced the altered reference are incorrectly modified, eliminating references to that entity.

I guess the only thing to do is manually edit the entity.

I am accustomed to reverse engineering my entities as part of my maven build in other projects and checking eclipse for any errors.


  1. You can connect the database as additional datastore. Additional datastore connection could be adjusted on the advanced tab of project properties.
    Studio does not generate update scripts for additional datastores.

  2. You can also avoid column deletion by setting up “Do not delete columns started with” in Studio settings

  3. You can also exclude the drop script. It will not be executed. And the excluded “drop column” statements will not be generated anymore.