Allow adding several Entity fields to screen at once


In Studio there is currently a button to add current field to screens.
I just added a dozen of them on an Entity, that would be nice to add several fields at once instead of one by one.



This feature already exists.
It is called “Add attributes to screens” and is available in the top panel of the entity source code.

Ok, got it.

From a UX point-of-view, when in the code tab I just code, search stuff through double hit of shift key, or use alt-enter contextual menu => I don’t use the mouse. So not paying that much attention to top level buttons (I probably should :slight_smile: ).

However, when in the designer tab, I’m here to clic on stuff with the mouse, so make the following button call “add attributes to screen” would help (because one-by-one is of little use). Or it could be a new button just besides.