Allow 2 separate logins on same browser

Is it possible to login using 2 different user IDs on separate tabs on a browser and keep each tab/login session separate from each other ? Currently if I open another tab on the same browser and login again using another ID, the previous tab will now reflect and follow the 2nd ID. But I want to have 2 separate IDs opened.

Alternatively, can I force close any other tabs on the browser which is opened to the same application when I log in ? Through this, then the user will not be confused that the previous tab is still logged to the previous ID.

Hello, you may use Private /Incognito window in the same browser to open the second session.

Thanks Ivan. If I wanted to force LOGOUT an existing session running on another tab on the same browser, when I login a new user on a new tab, can this be done ?

I’m not sure. I’ve searched by ‘force logout’ and found some results. Probably this post might be useful: