All ways to access lists

I’m a little bit confused regarding all ways to access list of an entity:

List<Customer> list = dataManager.load(Customer.class).list();
FluentLoader<Customer, UUID> customer = dataManager.load(Customer.class);
List<Customer> list = customer.list();
(by the way what is this FluentLoader?)
private List<Customer> loadAllCustomers() {
LoadContext<Customer> loadContext = LoadContext.create(Customer.class);
return dataManager.loadList(loadContext);

There are the same??
However for instance, number two produce : [IllegalStateException: Cannot get unfetched attribute aaa from detached object bbb] even the related view is ok, has the second attribute property.

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(1) should be used in application code.
(2) is the same as (1), but it makes no sense to extract FluentLoader to a variable.
(3) is a generic way and used inside the framework.

All of them yield the same result if used properly. Actually (1) delegates to (3).

Thank you!