All items in CUBA menu items are disabled after IntelliJ update


after updating IntelliJ to version 2031.3.1 (Ultimate) all menu items in the CUBA menu are disabled:

However, the functions can still be executed via the search for actions. I have CUBA plugin 15.7-213 installed.

Many greetings

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The problem still exists. I would be very grateful for any help.


Hi, Andreas
Thanks for your feedback!

I’ve reproduced the issue. Unfortunately, the only workaround is the one you have mentioned above - using search action. Or downgrading IntelliJ Idea version, if it is acceptable for you.

YouTrack issue created. So you can follow the progress.

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Thx, @gaslov


Just found another workaround for the issue.
The problem seems to be caused by the new implementation of IntelliJ IDEA main menu on Mac OS.
It was introduced in
Until CUBA Studio issue is resolved and delivered with a new release you can switch back to the old main menu implementation. Set the following property (Help → Edit Custom Properties…) and restart IDEA:
Please note that this option highly likely leads to the problem from the JetBrains issue above (IDEA-277709) that was fixed in IDEA 2021.3.1

The issue resolved in CUBA plugin version 15.8-213.

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Thx @gaslov. After update the plugin to 15.8 the menu is enabled again.