Advice for evolving a legacy application with new functionalities developed with Cuba Studio

I’m looking for advice about how to face up the evolution of a legacy aplication with the development of new functionalities with Cuba Studio. My first idea was to share the current database model, to create the legacy entities with the “Generate model” capability of Cuba Studio, develop new entities and functionalities with Cuba Studio and to continue using the current modules of the legacy aplication.

The major obstacles to overcome are:
-The new functionalities developed with Cuba Studio have to store data in legacy tables.
-Some important tables of the legacy system have composite keys.

Although Cuba Studio now supports to map entities with composite keys, I have found some troubles with creating database scripts for a new entities with associations to mapped entities, see topic

If someone has aborded a similar project with Cuba Studio, I would be very grateful to receive his advice based on the experience.

I’m also working on the new functionality of the legacy application in Cuba. I’ve decided to not touch the existing database (MySQL). Instead I’ve created a new database for Cuba app. In case of complex and non-trivial interaction with the legacy db I’m using stored procedures and views.

Thank you for sharing your experience.

The solution you mention was one I was in mind, due to the first problems I’ve just found generating the data model with Cuba Studio with the peculiarity of having a lot of tables with composed keys, and I’m looking for a confirmation to drop out the way of trying to share the same database.