addPropertyChangeListener for non persistent attributes?

I have a table with a number of columns, in wich one is non persistent. It is of type checkbox - Boolean.
Is there a way to capture the event when the user changes the checkbox value?
Because the PropertyChangeListener doesn’t fire, although I’ve managed to get or set the value using the datasource objects properties.

I meant “addItemPropertyChangeListener”

Do you mean non-persistent attribute of an entity or a generated column of a Table component?

I used non persistent attribute (@Transient annotation) with get and set methods wich work fine when invoked from the datasource, except for the ItemPropertyChangeListener that is not triggered in runtime.
What I wanted to achieve was actually a table ( more specific a treetable) in an Editor screen but with an extra column (with checkboxes) which is not stored in the database but allows the user to check some items. I set editable = true for that column and it worked. Further, I used the hasChildren property of the HierarchicalDatasource to prevent the user from checking an item which is of parent type. But the event does not fire.
The question would be: can I somehow have access to the checkbox object of the table to set its properties? Not necessarily using datasource object. Or any ideas like generated column as you mentioned?

First of all, changing a non-persistent attribute of an entity should fire off the ItemPropertyChangeEvent. Could you provide a test project demonstrating your problem?

As for generated columns, see documentation on Table’s addGeneratedColumn() method.

I solved the problem, it was my fault.
I had “@MetaProperty” inserted before the getter and setter for that column.
Sorry and thanks for the help!