Adding new rows to table from ui

is there anyway to add new to the db from the end user using the UI or excel import.
At 1st upload the excel consist of 4 columns and the data in the columns are persisted to db.
Then at 2nd upload the user added 2 more columns in the excel now he wants to add the columns to database dynamically by uploading the excel and persist those data to database

Do you mean that user changes database schema by uploading the excel file?
Well, this is certainly possible to code in Java. But it’s not the CUBA / ORM way.
Because when you are using an ORM, the database schema is determined beforehand on the development stage (reflected by the entities data model).

In some cases to add additional attributes to entities you can use dynamic attributes mechanism:

If you mean just importing the data from the Excel sheet to the database, take a look to the Data import – CUBA Platform add-on.
If it doesn’t feet your needs, you can take technical decisions from it and change to your purpose.

thank you for the information.