adding default values to a filter

Hi guys,
I have created a filter for search condition but I want to add default values to a selected column as a drop down list.
I was checking CUBA sampler example for filters, in the edit dialog box under the default value section it has a drop down list with all the values depending on the selected column.
Is there any way to get all the unique values as a list in the search or I have to type it manually, if so then how can I add default values more than one?


Hi Sanchit,

If you filter by an entity or enum field, the generic filter will apply the drop down list component automatically (this is the reason why you see drop down in the sampler application). In case of string or numeric or any other field with simple type, there is no drop-down list option available.

Hi Olga,

Okay I get it that the drop down filter can only be for related entities but is there any way to get it for string and other numeric values like by adding some queries, is it possible ?

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