Adding Amazon SDK (or other integrations) and Cuba

Hi, maybe it’s a silly question, but can’t find a way to get it working.

I need to work with several AWS services, and I’m trying to integrate SDK on my project.
Based on AWS documentation, I have to add this to my build.gradle.

implementation platform('')
implementation ''

Then, this is my dependencies is like this

configure([globalModule, coreModule, webModule]) {
    apply(plugin: 'java')
    apply(plugin: 'maven')
    apply(plugin: 'cuba')

    dependencies {
            implementation ''
            implementation 'com.squareup.okhttp3:okhttp:4.10.0'
            implementation 'org.jasypt:jasypt:1.9.3'
            implementation platform('')
            implementation ''

Once reloaded, seems there are no errors because I readed how intelij idea indexed this packages, but the issue is I can’t add any amazon package, “import com…” should resolve to amazon but is not there to choose. Obviously, I’m doing wrong but not sure what, and I don’t remember what I did when I added google firebase package to get it working.

Then, my question is. If we want to add some maven or gradle dependency to our project, what’s the right way to do it?

Try to add it the same way like the dependency is added in the AWS file storage addon:

“implementation” style of dependency wasn’t supported in CUBA gradle scripts.

Hi Alexander, seems like I can see the package now, but I entered on a long classpath error. All places talk about to add shortClassPath = true to gradle, but I can’t find exactly where to add. BTW I don’t have that buildWidgset task. using Intelij Idea 2022, 7.2.20 CUBA version.

Right now, I can debug and my build don’t crash on compileJava anymore, but I’m now sure how I solved (all day changing things). If I get again that long classpath error (1) would like to know how to properly solve it.

Please create a separate topic for a different problem, and provide more details (stacktrace, error msg).