Add to current set with Browse view

When a user is looking at a set there is a button called “Add to current set”. The problem is that when clicked an error is shown “No such screen Screen ‘njuns$Ticket.lookup’ is not defined”. I haven’t needed to use lookup screens until now, we’ve been using the browse screens for both browsing and lookups. Is there a way to easily use our browse screens for this?

I’ve tried updating the web-screens.xml file to have both a browse and lookup id for tickets pointing to the same browse template. At first this appeared to work and be our solution, but it turns out that we now have close to 600 filters on the browse screen that don’t show up when opened as a lookup screen. Make sense? When users add a filter to the browse screen they should continue to have access to it. We would like both of these to be the same screen, not the same template.


Thank you for reporting the problem. See the related issue.