Add some columnes to a standard groupTable-Component


in a business-application witch is used to create orders, invoices and other documents like this,
there are in the base 2 tables, the document-header and positions to a header.
In the header mask, there is a sub-component (groupTable) the positions. Everything so far works fine.
A problem in this constellation is now, that it is not so easy to find positions in main module of
The idea is now: An own module for the positions, to use standard-filter and so on to find the documents,
the positions are belonging to. This is working good but now the problem:

I cannot find a way, to show informations from for example the customer to the invoice to one position. I tried to create view with a join-table like position left join header left join customer, to get the fields, I want to show. But I didnt find a way, to put this columns to groupTable-Component.
Another thing is, to manipulate a colum-content in one colum of the groupTable, for example: Change true/false value to an icon in the list.


Could you make a sketch or otherwise describe your problem in more details? Now it’s hard to understand what you want to achieve.

OK, sorry for my bad description. I make an example:

You have a database-table with an country: id, countryname, memberOfEU
A second table is adress: id, firstname, lastname, town, id_country

Now you are building straight-foreward a cuba-list-mask-combination of adress.
In the list it is quite easy to handle columns like: id,firstname,lastname.

My problem is now: I want to have a column “name of country” in the list, which is not in the
table “adress” but in the related lookup-table “county”. I did not find a way for this.

Second new column: An red image-icon when the adress->country->field is false,
an green image-icon when adress->country->field is true.

The summary of all is: How can I put information , which is in any relation to a list-record into a new column
of this list. The classic approach of this task would be to create a view and use the view-columns in the list,
but I found no way to do this.


If the Address entity has the country attribute mapped to the id_country database column, just add to your Table a column with identifier. In other words, column identifiers can traverse entity relations, but all related entities and attributes must be included in the view.

You can use CSS or load images from the database or FileStorage, see for example this topic