Add filter condition in controller

Hi, i need to add filter condition in screen controller and display it in standart filter field. In short, i want to press button on screen and get prepared filter condition displayed. How can i do that?


can you tell us what you already tried, what did not work? Show us some code / example project etc. This way it will be easier (and therefore more likely) for the people to help you…


i’m triing in my custom dataSource something like:

            LogicalCondition andCondition = new LogicalCondition("", LogicalOp.AND);
            Clause clause=new Clause("", "((e.currentStage not in :component$filterWithoutId.currentStage31383) or (e.currentStage is null)) \n" +"      \n" +"    ", null, null, null);
            clause.getConditions().add(new Condition() {
            public List<Condition> getConditions() {
                return null;
            public void setConditions(List<Condition> conditions) {


            public Set<ParameterInfo> getParameters() {
                ParameterInfo = new ParameterInfo();
                return null;

            public Set<String> getJoins() {
                return null;
        QueryFilter queryFilter = new QueryFilter(andCondition);
        if(queriesPositionDs!=null) queriesPositionDs.setQueryFilter(queryFilter);


But even this approach is not what i need. Code above creating new filter, i need to add condition to existing one. And ParameterInfo can’t be instantiated.