Add AWS configuration file to the war file


I deploy my Cuba 7.2 application to AWS Elastic Beanstalk. Here NgInx is used as proxy. I would like to set the file size for NgInx through set of AWS configuration folders & files.

These files should be placed in the root of war file which is getting generated when building.

Where should I create the folders and files and how to get them added to war file?



Why did you decide to use War deployment instead of UberJar?

What is the file that you’re going to add? Is it “Procfile” for AWS?

Hi @belyaev,

I used to deploy as WAR from 2008. So it is kind of habit. If there is any advantage in UberJar over War in AWS, i would love to change as well.

Yes, I’m looking to add Procfile to change proxy settings to accept bigger file uploads.


If we’re talking about procfile, I used to create a zip with the following structure for my UberJar application:


And AWS deployed it correctly.

It looks like you don’t need to repack you .WAR file, just create a .ZIP/.JAR source bundle of the proper structure like described in the AWS Documentation here and here

AWS deploy is not a CUBA-specific task, it’s more about configuring the deployment file.

So I had to unzip the war file, add the files and zip it again.

Thanks, Will do.


Just pack your war + procfile into one zip

Okay, Thank you very much.