Activiti User Task Documentation

I was looking at the User Task shape in Activiti, and I saw that there is a Documentation field and a Due Date field available for populating against this shape. The Documentation field according to the Activiti user guide should be the description of the task, but it doesn’t appear to be supported in the Cuba framework. Is there support for this in Cuba? How about the Due Date field? I know about the Boundary Timer shape, but I was looking for additional deadline representation. What’s the best way for me to get these fields from the Activiti tables?


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Currently, these fields are not used by our BPM integration. If you want to read these properties you can obtain actTaskDefinitionKey and actProcessDefinitionId parameters from ProcTask entity and then read them from activity tables or use Activity API to access them.
You could create an idea here on forum and describe your business case for these attributes and how you want to use them from API / GUI.

I’m facing the same challenge. Does anyone have an example of how to work with Due Date in BPM addon? Thanks!!

I’m using the TaskService.createTaskQuery().taskId([TaskID]).singleResult() to get the Activitii Task object. TaskService is available in spring and the Task object has duedate on it. [TaskID] would be the ActTaskId from the ProcTask entity.

I’m just storing the due date on another entity for display / query functionality.