Access to dynamic attribute from other entity


I explain my case on the simple example. I have entity Articles. I add column e.g
colour by dynamic attribute mechanism. Next I create entity OrderLine with column Article. OrderLine to Articles is in associationmany-to-one. Now I’d like add column colour to browse OrderLine which shows values from dynamic attribute colour related to Articles entity. Is there any way to do it in Cuba Paltform ?


The framework can show only dynamic attributes that directly belong to the entity. So in your case, probably you have to copy values between different attributes in entity listeners.


ok, Perhaps is there any way e.g create view with column from dynamic attribute ? I don’t need this column in database.

No, views do not work with dynamic attributes. Dynamic attributes are designed to be a runtime mechanism of adding ad-hoc columns.
I would suggest rethinking and refactoring your data model.

Thanks for answer.I try find other way for realization my case.