Access to datasource in loginWindow controller


I have problem with access to data in loginWindow controller.
I created custom loginWindow and now I try get data in init method,
code below

private DataManager dataManager;

public void init(Map<String, Object> params) {
    List<Group> brunchList = dataManager.loadValue("select e from sec$Group e", Group.class).list();

I have problem because method dataManager.loadValue returns empty list. I use this same code in other edit window controller and in this case this method returns any values. Any suggestions ?


In the login screen there is only anonymous session and all actions are performed on behalf of anonymous user. If you want to load data using DataManager you need to setup permissions for Anonymous role.

Thanks Yurly.

I see, but where can I set permissions for Anonymous role ?

As usual, in the Roles browser/editor screens.