Access to datarecord

I have a little Problem in usage of a master-detail situation.
Application starts with a xxx-browse.xml - screen, where the master-datasets are edited in
a popup screen. In this popup-screen there is an inlay of the detail dataset which is edited
again in its own edit-popup-window.
Now the question:
I can get the master-dataobject in the master - edit-screen, but I need this master-record in
the detail-edit-screen. Is there an easy way to get this ?



See EditAction setWindowParams().
Create a Map<String, Object> params and add master-dataobject to it
Next, extract it in the init method of the controller of the second popup window

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Hi Martin,

Kirill is right. You can pass your master-record in setWindowParams().

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Hi Kirill,

thank you very much, it works.

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Hi Olga,

thanks for your help.