access groups create contraint form behavior

When trying to create a contraint for access group and selecting from the dropdown box operation type for example, between read to create the form is updated so it switches from join and where clause to groovy script…up to here everything is ok…but now when switching back from “create” to “read” form does not update again from groovy script to join and where clause

please see video attached.

I’m currently on platform version 6.5.5 (4.0M)


It’s OK what you have described. Explanation of this situation is that for “CREATE” constraint you can use only Groovy script (check in memory), but for “READ” all check types are available and there is no any logic to choose some option.

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hi Daniil!

Ok, so if I need to switch back to the join and where check type I would have to close the form and re open it, right?

No, you can just choose in “Check Type” lookup “Check in database” option (look in the attachment)


thanks, got it