AbstractFrame.refresh is not there after upgrading to 6.9.5

We upgraded CUBA from 6.6.4 to 6.9.5. and the methods :AbstractFrame.refresh() and commit() are not there any more.
I checked CUBA document but unable to find the guide.

Could anyone help me out?


If you ask about BPM API, it has been slightly changed since version 6.9, see Release notes.

hi there,

I upgraded CUBA from 6.6.4 to 6.9.5.
Previously we had

ProcAttachmentsFrame.refresh ()

method but we can’t find it in CUBA 6.9.5. and no document suggests a replacement for it.
can someone help us out?


The “commit()” and “refresh()” methods were not in the AstractFrame class, but in the frames of the BPM module (e.g. ProcAttachmentsFrame). The internal structure of datasources at “process-instance-edit.xml” and “standard-proc-form”.xml screens have been changed. The datasources for attachments and actors became nested datasources:

        <datasource id="procInstanceDs" view="procInstance-edit" class="com.haulmont.bpm.entity.ProcInstance">
            <collectionDatasource id="procActorsDs" property="procActors"/>
            <collectionDatasource id="procAttachmentsDs" property="procAttachments"/>

since that there were no need to refresh and commit attachments and actors explicitly. They are loaded and saved with the master entity. That’s why methods “commit” and “refresh” were removed.