About filter componet access restrict

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Using specific permission ,we can restrict operate for filter component. But some developer want to have more granular control over filter component . I means that when we set the “Modify/Create” permission to “DENY” for filter component, then the user will not only can’t add or create field condition ,also can’t change the compare operator (>,<,>= etc.).
Is there a way that allow user can change compare operator as well as can’t create or modify field condition .

Generic filter component behavior is mostly defined in the FilterDelegate prototype bean. In your project, you can override this bean to enable components that change the operator:

import com.haulmont.cuba.gui.components.filter.FilterDelegateImpl;

public class ExtFilterDelegateImpl extends FilterDelegateImpl {

    protected boolean isParamEditorOperationEditable() {
        return isEditable() ;

Register the bean in web-spring.xml:

<bean id="cuba_FilterDelegate" class="com.company.sample.web.filter.ExtFilterDelegateImpl" scope="prototype"/>
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Hi Max,

Thanks for your solution.