About edit table commit

a table ,set edit OK
how to override commit method?
the datasource is not persistent,so if I save,I need creat a method,then how to enter my method?
I have a table is valueCollectionDatasource,can I set edit table?

A ValueDatasource cannot be committed automatically, because it just doesn’t know what entity to update and how.

So you should just add a button to your screen, and in the click handler method collect the data from your KeyValueEntities, map it to some entities of your data model and use DataManager.commit() method to save it.

it have not a attributes like mouseover in js ?
when mouse don’t focus the input,it will trigger a action
can “ValueChangeListener” use in table?

the datasource is not persistent groupDatasource,
I want creat a method to overrid the sceen commit ,how do it?