About bpm multi instance


as the picture:
i have multi-user in approval,
i want anyone who cmplete it ,the task will be over, and move on to the next task

if i set Multi-instance type is Parallel,it need everyone complete it,That’s not what I want,
how should i do?

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Faced this issue too. Did not really find any solid solution so ended with this realisation:
My custom procForm throwing a signal to process to end this activity (catched by bounded signal event).

Please respond if you will find a more appropriate solution.

I just solved it.
this is my set:
Multi-instance type:Parallel
Completion condition(Multi-instance):${nrOfCompletedInstances >=1}

when it’s Multi-instance,nrOfCompletedInstances is the number of the completed, so when nrOfCompletedInstances >=1 the task will complete