Ability to show inbuilt nested menus as first level


I would like to suggest that it would be great if Studio allows to edit the default inbuilt menus also in web menu.

What I mean is that if I use ‘Run Reports’, ‘Scheduled Tasks’, ‘Process Models’ (BPM) more frequently then I would like to make them first level field for admins. Or at least ordering of sub menus inside should be allowed.

Let me know if more clarification needed



you are able to customize app menu in the single menu designer mode:

Declarative menu customizing has not yet been implemented.
If you want, you can add a screen to configure the menu for the current user and rearrange main menu structure in the overridden AppMainWindow depends on the user session.

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Thanks Daniil for pointing me in the right direction. Somehow I overlooked the single mode and thought that it was missing.