Ability to run a schedule task once on request

It will be really helpful if admin can trigger a scheduling task once from UI itself. It is needed when testing new jobs.

Currently I have to schedule it to run every 10 seconds or trigger from JMX console which are both not so good approach.


It is already implemented in the upcoming version 6.10: "Run once now" button on Scheduled Tasks screen · Issue #760 · cuba-platform/cuba · GitHub

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Is it possible to back port it to older versions if its a minor change. Migrating to a new major release will be tougher for many who are huge production setups

Usually, we implement new features only in minor versions because we don’t want to cause regressions in the existing projects. In this case, we’d better not backport this, because 6.10 will not have serious changes and it will be easy to migrate to this version.

Also, 6.10 is not Major version, just feature-release.