Ability to add more databases to the project


I was thinking on the following idea.

For the proper multitenant application, it would be very good to have the ability to add more databases to the project. This would be needed if the customer won’t agree to have his data in the same pool and requests their dedicated database.

What options do we have here? The one I am aware now is separate deployment. But this is not the multitenancy

What I would appreciate is the one single database for all systemic things, users, etc. and then multiple databases for user entity data. Then maybe do the setup of the database at the Access Group level. And then seamlessly use it. When a new database is created tables would be automatically created.

Or maybe even now there is some way how to do that.
Not sure it might be a too big endeavour.
Thank you very much

Hi Darius,

This topic has already been discussed here: CUBA multi-tenant with database per tenant - CUBA.Platform

See also this project: GitHub - cuba-labs/db-per-tenant: A multi-tenant CUBA application with separate databases for tenants