A way to visual schedule/view jobs

Hi there, I am busy with a basic demo where jobs have to be scheduled. Ideally I would tike have a ganttchart with drag drop coupled with a timelinechart and a barchart where I can view the capacity. I have looked at the gantt amcharts, for me this is not remotely usable. If someone has an alternative, please let me know.

In the meantime is it possible to use the calender where I can diplay all the jos per employee for the day(s) Something like the PetClinic where I can see the appointments for nurse A and B in their respectively workday. So for today a calenderday for nurse A with next to it the calenderday for nurse B.

Is it possible to use components written for vaadin flow? Like the FullCalendar (https://vaadin.com/directory/component/full-calendar-scheduler-flow)?

TIA, Willem