A newcomer: Building a web based REST frontend

Hello there eveyone,

First of all thanks to the creators of this wonderful tool. I am really in awe of it and I am itching to try it for my old Windows desktop project.

I want to port an old multi-tier project of mine to the web. I want to keep the server intact for the time being because it is a REST based application server and it does it’s work very well. So I want to build a frontend that consumes this RESTful service using the CUBA platform using just the classical REST verbs. The frontend does not need to know about the details of the data model and the structure of tables.

How do I start doing this with the CUBA platform?

In addition, I see that the future of the CUBA platform is JMix. Should I, as a newcomer, start using JMix immediately or should I start with CUBA and move to JMix later when it completely replaces CUBA?

Thanks a lot for your kind assistance. I look forward to hearing and learning from you all.



Could you elaborate a bit more on the front-end requirements? How many users are you expecting? Do you need your web UI to be displayed correctly on mobile devices?

If you want to use CUBA’s generic component UI, you can have a look at this example. It consumes data from the GitHub REST API and shows it in the UI.

As for the Jmix - you can start with Jmix, but the example above, so you can port it to Jmix as an exercise to understand the framework better.

But again, it would be nice to understand your requirements, CUBA is a great framework for backend development, and you may need front-end only framework.

Thanks for your reply Andrey.

I would expect a maximum of about 30 users for now and I would love the UI to work very well with mobile devices.

And for the moment I only need the front-end portion of the CUBA framework. I’ll take a look at the example you pointed out.