6.7.2 not found in the repositories

Hi All,

I created a private repositories in the isolate network. I catched the following problem in the build project stage. Who can help me to solve the problem. Thanks.

[09:00:20.756] Exception has been thrown by com.haulmont.studio.backend.b@2ac24810:
[09:00:20.758] java.io.FileNotFoundException: Artifact com.haulmont.cuba:cuba-global:6.7.2 not found in the repositories:[http://XX.XX.XX.XX:8081/nexus/content/groups/cuba-group, Index of /groups/work, https:

The possible reason may be that your nexus has not cached the required artifacts in the local blob store.
You need to move your nexus to public network. Create a similar project, connect it to your nexus and build it. Then you can move the repository back to isolated network - everything should work.