6.6 - how to get back the old behaviour for tables - to open editor a user should make double-click

After migration to 6.6 controls behaviour for tables have been changed - as opposed to double-clicking now user should just click. How can I revert it back? Didn’t findanything about this issue neither in Release Notes nor in table properties.

Actually it looks as if there is a bug. The behaviour is changing after several actions has fired in the table.
Instead of selecting a line in table a click starts to open editor even without changing the highlighted line.

There were no changes in the tables behavior. Could you, please, provide more information about your screen and check this problem on another browser or computer.

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You are right, a column of a table contains link=false

sometimes, perhaps because of many hot deploys, this led to the situation when the link suddenly started to be active.
After removing everything works well, thanks.