6.4RC Polymer + Internet Explorer Issue

IE does not render the Polymer client. Works fine in Chrome and Firefox.

To repro, create new project, add a single entity with an attribute then create a Entity cards list for entity.


CUBA Polymer IE Issue

Hi Ian,

Thanks for the feedback, both webcomponets.js and webcomponents-lite.js support IE. The only difference is that webcomponents-lite.js does not contain shadow DOM polyfill. For such cases Polymer uses shady DOM which comes with Polymer library.

The error you experienced is a bug in one of our components which will be addressed soon. It’s not related to polyfills.

Also the code which loads polyfills and sets up Polymer is placed in scaffolded index.html, so you are free to play with this.

P.S. What version of IE use your customer’s clients?

I see that cuba-app only loads webcomponents-lite.js so there is no IE support out of the box.

It would be nice if there was feature detection to load the appropriate polyfills. It seems like the intended use is for mobile devices but I can see instances where customers want a single UI. I still have customers that have policies that only allow employees to use IE :frowning:

At a minimum, a “Browser not supported” dialog is required to minimize support calls.

First off … awesome job with the Polymer module! This is a brave and unique direction to go.

I am lucky that all my clients have moved to IE 11. If I were approaching a client with anything older than IE 11, I would propose something different and given all the options that the CUBA Platform provides us with.

After I posted this I have spent a little time looking at Polymer, the tooling that available for development and how you implemented the module (bower components). I do have one comment about all the inline script … ugh. It looks like this is the way Polymer components are written but given that, when you have business logic it would be nice if the logic was separated from the view.

I realize this is a first drop and there is a lot that can be done but I would love to see screens scaffolded with a html view and a JavaScript or TypeScript file for business logic (like the cuba-app component). Of course, the developer can always do this themselves and structure the code how they like but one of the reasons I like to use a framework is that you start with a convention.

The tooling for Polymer seems to be quite immature (Especially IntelliJ) and I am concerned that having the JavaScript in the html is not going to be productive. At least if the business logic is outside the html file we JavaScript and TypeScript support is much more mature.

You guys now what you are doing and I suspect you have already considered this but need to get something out the door so I apologize in advance for if seem like I am preaching.

Thanks for your support!