6.3 RC2 - How do I get a new login window to replace the standard one?

Hello Support (or anyone),
I’ve created a basic app like the Quick Start, which works fine. Then I clicked Create login window, and a new item loginWindow is created in a new folder loginwindow. I see it has a language dropdown, different than the standard login window. But nothing I do causes it to replace the standard login window. I’ve restarted the app server. What do I need to do so that it displays on app start up and not the standard one?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Hi Stephen,
Did you add any new elements to the LoginWindow? Please, send us the ext-loginwindow.xml file to check if everything is correct.

Hi Natalia,
No, I had not added any elements. When I add a label, I DO see that it is the new login window. But, I don’t understand why the prompt or the dropdown for Locales doesn’t display. Is that because I haven’t added any localization?

In any case, I 'll consider the question answered. Thanks!

You are right, the dropdown for the Locales will be displayed only if you add a localization.