Setup the MySql connection in cuba 6.5

I setup the MySql connection in cuba 6.5. After the setup, the system shown the error message. Please help to solve the problem. Refer to attached file for dump screen.

dump_screen.docx (89.6K)

Please do exactly what Studio tells you in the error message:

  • Download MySQL Connector/J archive from
  • Extract mysql-connector-java-*.jar file from the archive and rename it to mysql-connector-java.jar
  • Copy mysql-connector-java.jar into ${user.home}/.haulmont/studio/lib directory (or, if you use Mac OS X app, into /Applications/CUBA
  • Stop Studio server (press Exit button).
  • Kill Gradle’s daemon by running gradle --stop, or killing its process in task manager, or restarting the operating system.
  • Launch Studio server again.

:ticket: See the following issue in our bug tracker: