Remove or Hide headers when opening Dialog Windows

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We are using a custom theme in our application. The design asks for two types of dialog windows: one with a regular (styled as we desire) and one without the header.

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Unfortunately there is no way that I’ve found to programmatically to access the container DIV of the dialog window.

Ideally I’d like to be able to add css to the

 <div class="v-window-outerheader"> ...</div>

of the dialog window to optionally hide the header depending on the dialog type to be shown.

How can i achieve this?

Thanks for your help.


Could you clarify, whether you use the openWindow method or one of the showMessageDialog/showOptionDialog methods?

Hi Gleb
Thanks for the the quick response. In this case i’m using openWindow.

I actually found an approach that works based on a technique described in the issue below to get access to the underlying Vaadin dialog window.

Is there a better approach that you’d like to recommend? Is there a better way to know that I’m at the right parent level window without having to go all the way up the chain?


The approach from the mentioned topic exactly what you need.

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