Platform and Studio 6.9 BETA

The BETA version of the upcoming platform release 6.9 is now available. It is feature-complete and we are working on minor fixes and documentation. The final release is scheduled for the end of May.

Please see the Release Notes and updated documentation:

Developer’s Manual
Business Process Management
Charts and Maps
Full Text Search
Report Generator

We will greatly appreciate if you test your project with the beta version and let us know about any issues.

The platform 6.9.0.BETA artifacts are available in both and Bintray repositories, so you will be able to use them if you download and install the latest Studio SE 6.9 snapshot:

Studio SE for Windows (exe)
Studio SE for MacOS (dmg)
Studio SE for Linux (AppImage)

We are looking forward to your feedback!


Hi @knstvk
I’m trying to user groupTable’s new groupColumn option but I don’t find the API in IntelliJ, it’s red.

salesDealLineTable.groupByColumns("department", "city");

Hi @knstvk
I am getting exception in data update as attached. Thanks for having a look.
exception.txt (10.4 KB)


Have you tried to update the IDEA project files? You can perform the update either by running the gradle idea task in the terminal or by invoking the Build > Create or update IDEA project files menu command.

Could you provide steps to reproduce the issue? I see that the issue is related to FTS, but, unfortunately, I can’t reproduce it.

Yes, I tried but no improvement!

I didn’t do anything with FTS and I didn;t come across this error before verso=ion 6.9 manually.

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Platform 6.9.0.BETA3 has just been released!

Thanks @knstvk
This version helped overcoming the issue i had in Jelastic deployment.